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Joanne in Brooklyn, NY, paints, quilts and stitches fabrics
using stained glass patterns, adding very tasteful accents.

I am in awe of Kimberly Raddon's Starry Night panel. What vibrant colors. It's maginificent. What else can I say?

Suzanne Hurley made the Flip Flop Beach Sandals panels. I love how the sea can be seen to sparkle in textured glass in the distance.

Judy Sanchez, creator of the Martin Luther King block is a novice quilter. She did a wonderful job and gave the Dr. a striking, modern appeal. The Block is on its way to Washington, DC as a "Block" in the 40th Anniversary Commemorative Quilt (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). This quilt will hang in the HUD Headquarters Building in observance of the 40th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act (April).

Joy's Bulldog in glorious hot colors!

The latest from Israel's Jacob Gafni, the God of Perfect Solder Lines if there ever was one! This is the Stagecoach pattern designed by Mary Jane, a regular contributor on the ART:ERY Pattern Co-Op.

Beautifully framed, too.

From Christian Cloutier, the ever popular Dragonfly Fairy. Original colors, with the fairy being all in pink, and some very fine art glass.

Jennifer Czarny and her friend Marianne created this superb Dragonfly as a wedding present. Much care has been taken in the selection of the glass in order to mimic the texture and coloring of dragonfly wings, and sober, restful coloring.

Vivian Johnson framed this piece from the Gymnast Collection in rich wood. She has also carefully selected her colors for a striking, dramatic effect. That's how one should use iridescent glass! Perfect choice.

Kathy Howard used the Cymbidium Flower suncatcher pattern as the basis for a signature block on her quilt. She simplified it. It is machine appliqued and signed with permanent pen. Very poetic!

Joy's latest!

Above are the Welsh Corgis from the Welsh dog collection.

Below are the two siamese cats from a picture of Joy's own cats, Kissie and Sophie. They are absolutely adorable.

Pat Meiswinkel uses stained glass patterns to make watercolor painting. Lovely effect isn't it?

Robert Wright sent in a picture of the dragonfly fairy. A judicious contrast of warm and cool tones!

Lou Ann Steele made these two friendly Cockatoos from the exotic bird collection. Very realistic colors!

Another great one from Jacob from Israel! This one is the Mastiff. Jacob omitted the round frame, and turned it into a freeform piece.

Don Brasier modified the Easy Curves lamp shade pattern to fit the bulb arrangement within that really special lamp base. Definitely worth preserving!

Very interesting warm glass technique! Lawatha's used the Sunflowers to make a classy pendant.

Beautifully done! Lawatha's amazing Art Nouveau Button features "period colors" - very stylish.

This is Pat Meiswinkel's watercolor interpretation of the Garden Fountain. Beautiful isn't it? I never cease to be astonished by the range of crafts for which people make use of stained glass patterns.

Eme Zipp's Kokopelli and Volleyball player have just the right color balance. Thanks for sending in the pictures.

Just completed!
Jackie sent in her photograph of her new Coral Reef Shade. Jackie is a brave soul, because that's a rather involved design. Great for bold colors and iridescent glass, it's just lovely.
Marian from the Netherlands has combined two patterns, the ballerina and the ballet slippers into one outstanding piece.

Click to see larger image for details.

Thank you Joy for sending these two pictures! One tabby kitten and a beagle (below). I love the beaded edges, and even soldering!

Here is Joy's Sophie the Lilac Point Siamese - the pattern was made from a picture of her adorable cat! Very soft colors are well suited to the gentle contrast in the animal's fur.

Ziza Natali from Brazil sent photos of her beautiful mosaics: Sacred Heart of Jesus and Virgin Mary

Merci Paul pour cette photo de votre jolie ballerine! Ballerine Bleue - les couleurs sont formidables. Here is Paul's website.

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