Commemorative Ribbon


Pinkbreast cancer, birth parents
Red AIDS, DARE, DUI awareness, epidermolysis bullosa, heart disease, lymphoma, MADD, substance abuse
Purplecesarean sections, multiple myeloma
Orangeleukemia, hunger, lupus, melanoma, tolerance
Yellow-Orangechildhood cancer
Yellowtroop support, amber alter, bladder cancer, endometriosis, liver cancer, mental retardation, missing children
Greenorgan donation, depression, glaucoma, kidney cancer, leukemia, mental retardataion, missing children,
Cyanmyasthenia gravis, ovarian cancer, sexual assault, substance abuse
Sky BlueGraves disease, men's health, pro-choice, prostate cancer, scleroderma, thyroid disease, trisomy 18
Bluearthritis, chils abuse, colon cancer, dystonia, education, free speeck, interstitial cystitis, Reye's syndrome, victim's rights, water quality
PurpleAlzheimer's, Crohn's and colitis, cystic fibrosis, domestic violence, fibromyalgia, lupus
FuschiaHodgkin's disease, testicular cancer
Mauvecancer, epilepsy, foster care, gynecological cancer, Rett syndrome
Light Greychildren with disabilities, Parkinson's
Creamadoptees, bone cancer, peace, retinoblastoma, rigth to life
Greyaphasis, asthma, allergies, brain cancer and tumours, diabetes, mental illness
Blackmourning, anti-gang, melanoma
Stars and StripesSept 11, US national support, fireworks safety
Blue and Pinkchildhood cancer
Yellow/Orange/Redhepatitis C
White and Blue StripeLou Gehrig's disease
White and Red Stripehead and neck cancer
Multi-Colored Puzzleautism
Rainbowgays and lesbians