Passiflora Lamp

This is a square, 4-panel lamp producing a continuous pattern around the shade.

See also free matching suncatcher.

Passiflora Lamp Shade Pattern ONLY U$8.00

How to purchase a pattern
It's easy, and it's fast!

Just send me an e-mail specifying the pattern you wish to purchase, including the following words:

I agree to pay Chantal Paré the sum of $(write in amount) by (date - 30 days from sending the pattern request e-mail).

The pattern will promptly be e-mailed to you in good faith, together with the address where you should send the payment, and you will print it yourself.

Should you prefer to be invoiced through PayPal, please mention this in your email.
There is a 50 ¢ surcharge per item.

Use of the patterns (free and for sale) offered on is
subject to the following conditions:

The patterns remain the property of Chantal Paré.
You cannot use the patterns for profit without her permission.
You cannot reproduce the pattern for resale or ditribute without her permission.
Rights for commercial use must be purchased from her.

This being said, I'm pretty laid back...

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