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Welcome to Chantal's Stained Glass, where you'll find a variety of stained glass patterns for free, and for sale. Free staind glass patterns include suncatchers, panels, and even lamp shades. Whether they are for free or for sale, I strive to offer patterns that are fresh and original.

Visit often! So far, I have been adding several new patterns every week. My goal is to offer over 300 additional patterns by the end of 2005. So many ideas... stained glass is such a glorious material! It would be a shame to waste it on a pattern that is not up to the potential of the medium. Make a stained glass project you will be proud of.

Don't forget to send a good photograph of any project you have completed using the patterns on this site, you'll be so happy to see it included in the visitor's gallery! Stained glass is not easy to photograph, but don't worry, I have a PhotoShop-like program and I can fix a lot of booboos.

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Don't be shy to write if you have problems or questions, I usually answer the same day.

About Free stained glass patterns.

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Thank you for visiting Chantal's Stained Glass Web Site. Come again! New patterns added weekly.

free stained glass patterns
free stained glass patterns
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